The Rising Sun

Among the many paintings that I see everyday, one of the most often is that of this Japanese flag called the Rising Sun. Before, I’m used to seeing this design in the back of my chemistry class and even at work, where the painting of it was no more than a well laid out white and red design. One day as I was gazing off into space, I questioned what it was and why was it such a big painting at my workplace. To my own amazement, I searched it up and realized that it was a war flag. Not only did it represent some of the many horrendous ideals of war such as sex slaves and having people chopped up for science experiments, but it was also a symbol of the peoples’ desire to separate themselves from Japan’s colonial and aggressive past. Although the flag is being seen more often in public, the people who are waving them around are ignorant to its history of war, tears, and bloodshed.


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