King of Fruits

Growing up, I’ve never really enjoyed eating this mushy, knock off of a jack fruit before. But not long ago, I ate a piece my grandmother gave me and was bewildered by how sweet and homey it tasted despite the strong, sickly scent. As the most popular fruit in Southeast Asia, I realized just how much we don’t appreciate the culture and history that this fruit retains. Surprisingly there are many superstitions surrounding the fruit. One of the most interesting that one that I found was the idea that it is aphrodisiac. I searched it up and discovered that this means…well you should search up the word if you don’t know it. But due to the durian’s unusual characteristic, the Japanese have created rules as to when it should or should not be consumed. As I was scrolling through the internet, I found a love story based on this idea that this fruit may be the reason as to how a couple fell in love. The connection between the fruit and this love story is quite fascinating and I would recommend taking a look at it. Overall, I hope this random post made everyone realize that it’s the little things such as the durian’s aphrodisiac abilities that makes everyone special in their own way.