I went for night runs for a week…


Now, the idea of cardio and exercise has always been an enchanting idea to me. Always a new years resolution that I promised myself to start. Now that 2017 was here, it was time to turn this idea into reality. So for 30 minutes a day, I forced myself out of the house at 7 pm to start my night jog. At first, I would run with my ears plugged in concentrating on how hard it was to breathe and the cold sweat that I’ll break out into in the chilly night air. The next day was the same. I probably looked like a pale, sweaty mess with my hair plastered to my face. But that night when I came home, I felt energy pulsing through my veins like I’ve never felt before. After a nice shower, I started homework and to my surprise, the problems that I’d previously struggled in became an obvious answer. Because of that, I was able to sleep early and wake up ready to start my day. Like a domino effect, the results of just 2 days of running were amazing. The third day became even easier as running was no longer exercise; it was a routine that looked forward to relax at the end of the day. By the fourth day came, I couldn’t help but realize that just as the rapper Logic was addicted to his “Nikki”, I was addicted to the sweat and energy after a run. By the time the weekends came, I went out of my way to be sure that even if there was work, I would somehow squeeze in time to run. It was well worth it because as I ran, I looked up into the the beautiful night sky and saw the full moon rising above the veil of the clouds. Surrounding the moon were stars that twinkled so beautifully I was breathless. And for the first time, I took our my earphones and instead of listening to Logic or Asap Ferg, I listened to the sounds of the breeze that whistled through the bamboo leaves in my neighborhood and crickets as they whittled away. Somehow, it felt like being in a Buzzfeed video minus the embarrassment I’ll feel from being recorded. Forcing myself to run has created phenomenal results not only on my physical health, but also my mental health as well. During that time, my body became less bloated and I was reaching for fruits in place of chips. Although it’s only been a week in, I know that running will truly transform my 2017 into the year that I can be proud of.





The Dunning-Kruger Effect


One of the craziest things brought to my attention during class was the idea that it’s possible not to realize how incompetent we are due to our incompetency. In other words, because of our stupidity, we don’t know how stupid we actually are. As we were listening to a podcast about a man who blatantly robbed a bank without any form of concealment, I was truly puzzled. But it turns out, the man seriously thought that by rubbing lime juice all over himself, he would become invisible and deemed that he could rob a bank as a result.

The most captivating concept about this whole effect is the idea that smart people are the ones aware of this blind spot. For example, a less intelligent person  would believe that what they know is everything there is to the picture. But taken from the perspective of someone more knowledgeable, they realize that there are the “unknown unknowns”.  In everyday life, we try to prepare for the problems and risks that result from our actions. But the mind-blowing question is, what if there are risks and problems that we’re not even aware of and in which case, we can’t come with up a solution for? Apparently, this can be diagnosed as anosognia, a condition where a person suffers from a disability that they’re unaware of. In the story above tells how the life of a women is twisted around and about as she battles this tiresome mental disorder.